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Krush Energy Drink

The Problem.

Everyone needs a boost, especially with how fast paced our lives are these days. Krush Energy Drink, located in Los Angeles, developed a healthy substitute to mainstream energy drinks, by creating a recipe of clean, natural ingredients.

But if you’ve ever been to any grocery store, you know there are dozens of energy drink options to choose from. The barrier to entry for the Krush team was higher than ever, and they needed help on “Krushing” their competition. 

Our Solution.

The Krush team had some great connections out in Los Angeles, and managed to schedule some time with NFL Star Maxx Crosby from the Las Vegas Raiders. We had the amazing opportunity to shoot a commercial for Krush with Maxx, as well as get a few promotional shots with him.

Our web development team designed a highly themed website where users could learn more about Krush drinks, as well as order them directly from the site.

Once we were close to launch, our marketing team took over and began developing pre-sell campaigns for the drinks. After launch, Krush had an incredible launch, and eventually went on to land a contract with multiple retail suppliers across the country.

“Inertia Marketing was critical to our initial success and launch. Without them, we would have never seen the results they delivered. Cannot recommend them enough.”

Alex R.  –  Krush Energy Drink